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Inspire University College, is an intellectual destination that draws learners from over 4 countries. Established to provide practical, real-world education and entrepreneurial development — we are consciously focusing our efforts on building on our strengths and consolidating our achievements.

From academic discoveries to athletic records, from artistic creations to scientific breakthroughs, our students define our success in every way.  

Our inspiration is improving the quality of learning at INSPIRE.

– Regular evaluations of all programs by a dedicated academic board

– Integrated IT support for effective online and offline learning

– A dedicated Research Committee to promote research culture in the institution.

– World-renowned and acclaimed faculties for each program to instil knowledge and multi-culture prominence in our students.

– Toastmasters club activities to strengthen communication and leadership skills.

– Professional Skills Development Programs starting from Freshman to the Senior levels to hone student skills in communication, analysis, and leadership.

– Teaching effectiveness committee to improve learning & teaching.

– Community services committee for opportunities to serve the community through various activities.


We shall empower every learner,in Collaboration to meet the life goals.


We shall endeavor to provide education to everyone, striving hard to compete the world.

Online Learning Model

INSPIRE UNIVERSITY has curated an innovative list of an online degree, certificate, and diploma programs, holding equal value, to our traditional classroom-based programs. With a purpose to combine open, high-quality courses and advanced career opportunities.

We want to ensure student requirements and employers’ needs are met simultaneously by enhancing learning outputs as an — amalgamation of professional association with industrial bodies coupled with well-established academic content. Our online programs are designed to keep our students engaged.

With integrated e-learning tools aligned with pedagogic principles, we’re making online teaching-learning more effective and application-oriented.

  • Students can access all academic content and lectures at their fingertips.
  • The syllabus of our courses is Industry-relevant and updated for contemporary and real-life experiences.
  • Our courses and programs are multi-device friendly — Learn on a computer or a phone, your choice.
  • We’re creating gamified modules for engaging learning experiences for our students.
  • We offer 24/7 counsellor support for query and doubt clearance.

To prepare working adults, business owners & high profile corporate to be leaders.

Earn your online degree from a top-ranked online university and achieve remarkable growth in your career.


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