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This privacy notice provides you with details of how we collect and process your personal data through your use of our site www.inspireuniversitycollege.com Inspire University College is the data controller, and we are responsible for your personal data (referred to as “we”, “us” or “our” in this privacy notice).

Contact Details

Our full details are: Full name of legal entity:  Inspire University College Email address: info@inspireuniversitycollege.com Postal address: AL SAFA HERMITAGE, NEAR EMIRATES POST OFFICE AL KARAMA, Dubai UAE, 127981 It is especially important that the information we hold about you is accurate and up to date. Please let us know if at any time your personal information changes by emailing us at info@inspireuniversitycollege.com


Access Date: the date from which we allow you to access online study and/or receive learning materials following your acceptance of our Offer to you. Application: means the application to join a Programme made by you to us. Learning: Programmes delivered through a combination of online study Contract: refers to the contract between us to provide the Programme to you under these Terms, once you have accepted the Offer to study a Programme with INSPIRE. ilearn: the online or virtual learning environment through which you study a Programme. Learning Environment means the environment(s) you have available to you to aid your studies, being the Online Distance Learning environment. Offer: confirmation that we have accepted you on one of our Programmes. Online Distance Learning: means the learning experience offered by us by a virtual learning environment only (including ilearn and any awarding universities’ online resources). Programme: a course of study or research carried out either online, or a combination of Online and study Centre. Programme Fees: mean the fees applicable to your Programme, as set out on our Website. Programme Materials: means any learning materials supplied by us to you as part of your enrolment on the Programme (including ilearn). Prospectus: means the digital or printed information pack containing information and illustrations regarding a specific Programme. Student Handbook: the digital handbook given to you as part of joining a Programme. VLE: the virtual learning environment through which you can access ilearn and other linked systems including assessment submission portals and Unit. Website: our website at www.inspireuniversitycollege.com where you can apply for a Programme.

Applying to Study

What you need to do: To join a Programme you need to apply online through our Website (www.arden.ac.uk) and send all documentation as requested. Our application process allows you to check and amend your application before submitting it.

What we will do:

If your Application is incomplete, we will attempt to contact you to clarify and/or complete the missing information before processing your Application. We will send you a Course Offer Letter to join a Programme if we approve your Application. There may be conditions attached to this Offer, for example if you have not yet received a ratified award of your previous qualification. You must accept the Offer in writing, and you must confirm that you can pay the Programme Fees before we grant you access to your Learning Environment and/or release learning materials to you.

Learning Environment

Access to Learning Environment. You will be able to access your Learning Environment, Programme Materials and tutor support once you have accepted our Offer and we have authorised your access. Your access will last for the duration of the Programme and will cease once you have completed it. Module(s) access. Access to your Learning Environment, Programme Materials and tutor support will be available for the time duration for which you have paid fees.. Following completion of a Module, access to your Learning Environment and the Programme Materials only (but expressly not tutor support in respect of that Module) will continue for the remaining duration of the Programme of which that Module is a part. Additional reading not included as part of the Programme or Programme Materials. Programme Materials and tutor support are designed to provide the information required to complete the Programme successfully. We can provide additional reading recommendations but the provision of access to, or copies of, such additional reading is not necessarily included in the Programme Fees. If you wish to access, or obtain copies of, additional reading you must do this at your own cost.

 Acceptable Use of ilearn and Other Interactive Services

Once you have accepted our Offer to enrol on a Programme and we have confirmed your access to ilearn, you undertake to agree to our Policy.


Assessment timetables. A timetable is designed to help you prepare for assessments on your Programme and it is recommended that you follow the guidelines given. If you cannot meet assessment deadlines you must notify us immediately in writing. Assessment submissions. Assessments should be submitted in accordance with the instructions on the ilearn module page. Assessments submitted correctly before the deadline will be marked and we will provide feedback. Assessment outcomes will be governed by the academic regulations of the awarding body. Professional body examinations. If your Programme includes an examination with a professional body, you are responsible for applying to sit such an examination with the relevant professional body unless we agree in writing to the contrary Re-assessment. If you fail an assessment or examination, we reserve the right to charge a re-assessment fee if you wish to retake the assessment or examination.

Changes to the Programme

If you wish to transfer to another Programme: Before you start: If you apply to transfer to another Programme before you start, we will confirm if this is possible and inform you of any relevant changes, such as Fees or timing, to help you decide if you wish to proceed. Fees: In both cases, if you have already paid the fees for your original Programme, we will refund the difference if the fees of your new Programme are lower; you will pay the difference to us if the fees of your new Programme are higher.

Providing the Programme

We undertake to deliver the services associated with the Programme to you until the Programme is completed, you end the Contract, or we end the Contract by written notice to you, both as described in clause 12. Delays: We will contact you as soon as possible if, for reasons out of our control, there is a delay in supplying the Programme to you. If there is a risk of substantial delay, you have the right to cancel the Contract and we will refund you in accordance with our Refund Policy for those elements of the course you have not received. If we are responsible for a delay in providing any aspects of the Programme that materially affect key delivery dates, you have the right to cancel the Contract in certain circumstances. Extending the period of registration: You can only extend the period of registration in exceptional circumstances with our written permission or that of the awarding body. Please see the Student Handbook for more information on the registration periods for each Programme.

 Intellectual Property Rights

Ownership. The intellectual property in the Programme, Programme Materials and ilearn belong to us. You acknowledge that: all intellectual property rights used by or subsisting in the Programme, Programme Materials and ilearn are, and shall remain, our exclusive property. rights to access and to use the Programme, Programme Materials and ilearn are licensed to you. you have no rights in, or to, the Programme, Programme Materials and ilearn other than to use it for the purposes of your studies; and you will not at any time make any unauthorised use of, or copy, reproduce, modify, distribute, republish, display, post or transmit any aspect of the Programme, Programme Materials or ilearn containing such intellectual property rights, nor authorise or permit any person to do so. Work created by you as a student. Any documentation, project work or other materials created by you as a student on a Programme will be solely owned by you. Licence of submitted work to us. Where you have submitted work to us as part of the Assessments of a Programme (see clause 9 above), you agree to give us a permanent licence of that work for us to use for academic, research and publication purposes, as well as submitting the work to external moderators or other third parties. We will always ensure that you are appropriately referenced as the creator of that work, although it may be necessary to anonymise such reference when used for moderating and marking purposes.