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Course Duration
3 Years


Course eligibility
10+2 Equivalent

    The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program in Finance is designed to provide students with a comprehensive knowledge of both business fundamentals and financial principles. This program takes a multidisciplinary approach by combining core business courses with specialized finance curriculum, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education. The curriculum covers essential subjects such as management, marketing, accounting, and business communication, while also delving into finance-specific areas like financial management, investment analysis, and risk management. Students also gain a deeper understanding of financial decision-making within the broader business context through courses in financial accounting, managerial economics, and corporate finance.

     The program also explores international finance, financial markets, and institutions, enabling students to grasp the complexities of global financial systems. Moreover, students are exposed to ethical considerations in finance and develop skills in financial modeling, preparing them for real-world financial decision-making challenges. The BBA in Finance not only focuses on technical proficiency but also fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills, equipping graduates with a wide range of career opportunities in the dynamic field of finance.

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program, focusing on Finance, provides students with a wide range of advantages for those aspiring to pursue a career in the financial industry. The following are some significant benefits: 

  • Extensive understanding of business principles
  • Specialized expertise in finance
  • Versatile career options
  • Practical application of knowledge in real-world scenarios
  • Global outlook and understanding
  • Opportunities for networking
  • Emphasis on ethical decision-making
  • Preparation for advanced academic degrees
  • High demand in the job market.

Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Centre for Distance and Online Education (CDOE) has since its inception in 2012, made rapid strides in providing quality education to many students – making it one of the few large and most sought after distance learning institutes in India.

SGVU’s distance education programs such as BBA, B.Com & BA are designed for working professionals which provides the students with the convenience of learning without sacrificing career or time. These distance education programs are further empowered to offer the students a true anytime, anywhere learning experience with live & interactive digital learning and robuststudent support. Owing to the quality of educational programs offered and the degree awarded in regular mode, there is a great demand for the programs offered by the university across the nation.

The online programs are carefully designed to impart the necessary basic managerial and leadership skills and bridge the gap between the expectations of the industry and the actual attainment of the student. With their online programs, students can get the best of both worlds the comfort & flexibility of online education, with the equivalence that is acquired through an on-campus, conventional degree.

The theoretical, as well as practical classes, are conducted as per the norms laid down by University Grant Commission, Distance Education Council (DEC). The conduction of the programs is further strictly coordinated, monitored and controlled by the Staff Members, Senior Officers, and the Director of CDOE, SGVU.

This degree develops advanced organizational and leadership skills, making you an in-demand candidate across many industries. Potential job roles include:

  • Financial Manager
  • High-End Management Consultant
  • Marketing Manager
  • Health Services Manager
  • Investment Fund Manager
  • Supply chain manager
  • Logistics manager
  • Inventory control manager
  • Project managers
  • Operations manager

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