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Course Duration
2 Years


Course eligibility

The objective of M.Sc Psychology program is to equip students with advanced training in research methods and professional skills that prepare them both for a career involving psychological research as well as for the application of scientific knowledge and methods in various professional settings.

The minimum qualification required to be eligible for admission is a Degree from a recognized University with a minimum of 50% of total marks obtained (45% for SC/ST) in the cognate/related subjects in the entire degree course.

Year I (SEM I)

  • Cognitive Processes
  • Biological Processes – I
  • Psychometry and Research Methods
  • Theories of Personality
  • Health Psychology
  • Learning Labs:
    Experiments on Perception and Psychophysics
    Experiments in Thinking

Year I (Sem II)

  • Positive Psychology
  • Social and Group Processes
  • Biological Processes – II
  • Experimental Designs and Psychological Statistics
  • Experimental Designs and Psychological Statistics
  • Introduction to Sports Psychology
  • Learning Labs:
    Experiments in Cognition - Memory and Learning
    Experiments in Positive Psychology

Year II (Sem III)

  • Family And Marital Counseling
  • Life Span Development
  • Child Psychology
  • Introduction To Counselling
  • Behaviour Dysfunction
  • Experiments In Counselling And Psychotherapy
  • Report And Presentation Of Rehabilitation Center

Year II (Sem IV)

  • Specialization Course (Industrial)
    Corporate Psychology
  • Psychopathology II
  • • Introduction to Classical Psychotherapies
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Psychological Assessments II
  • Introduction to Contemporary Psychotherapies
  • Marketing and Advertising Psychology
  • Psychological Interventions
  • Areas of Counselling
  • Learning Labs
    A Screening and Assessment in Industry and Organizational Psychology
  • Assessment of Personality and Interventions in Clinical Psychology
  • Intervention Techniques
  • **Internship and Report
  • Project Work

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